Tweet. Meet. Give – the 12th of February

Fundraising mashup – Twestivals 2009
Twitter or not Twitter? I read the post on RafRaf girls. One reason may be to contribute to the good cause of As a Twitter user you are welcome to join in and raise money together. is about helping people, less fortuned, to bring fresh water in their lives. The first Twestival was held in London 2008 (the first 350 ticket were sold out in one hour that time). This time, the 12th of February, 175 cities around the world will host Twestivals. There are many ways to contribute if you are unable to join the festival event in your city. On, artists and musicians are donating their music for streaming between from feb 5th to 19th and you have the opportunity to leave a voluntary donation. I think this is a good example of using a platform like Twitter for other reason than ”just” micro blogging.

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