Super Bowl!

….I must confess I´m not quite following the games, but the talk and the hype around the commercials is interesting.

In the toplists you find ads from Pepsi like the ”Refresh Anthem” (TBWA/Chiat/Day), ”Clydesdale Ancestry” one of Budweiser´s many ads, the ”Free Doritos” which was made by amateurs for a contest (The Herbert brothers) so no ad agency for this one and this is also the most watched online according to USA Today AdMeter. Bud Light with ”Conan O’Brien” (DDB, Chicago) for the Swedish market only….. is also in the top.

Anyway, this is my own favourites among the 50 ads:

1. Coca-Cola ”Heist”
Beautiful and sweet, I love the feeling of fairytales, not uniqe but it works for me.
(Wieden & Kennedy)

2. ”Tips”
I love the”falling down moments” and the ”koala punsh”, this is defenitely to cross the line of anger… (Wieden & Kennedy)

3. Budweiser ”Clydesdale Stick”
I simply like ads where animals is a part of the fun and behave like humans. I mean, the look in the eyes of the horse… great (DDB, Chicago).

Ok, I sort of like Bridgestone´s Taters (The Potatoe head family) as well. Stop being a backseat driver or else…. your lips will fall of! (Richards Group, Dallas)

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