The Great Escape

…with Herbal Essences

Hypermedia has been working with a campaign to brand Herbal Essences (Procter & Gamble) and the work started 6 months ago. One part of the campaign The Great Escape has been released in western Europe. This week the viral movies is launched starring four charactars (”Sven”, on the left side, is supposed to be the Swedish guy..) – ”Play the ultimate hoax on your best friend” where you can choose the man of your friends life. Applications for Facebook is created for the campaign as well. During the autumn I mentioned I was attending a viral shooting for Herbal Essences and this was it.

Hypermedia was responsible for production, development and the creation of the virals.

Speaking of a Great Escape
…. today I had a special delivery from Sweden!

I sure like the ”view” of my room mates, but sorry, nothing beats this one. Thank you Darling!

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