Critical Mass

Warsaw is not a friendly place to ride your bike. Except from every last friday of the month when hundreds of cyclists ride slowly through the city. The event is called Critical Mass (since 2004, started in San Fransciso 1992) it´s a manifestation for the fact that Warsaw is not a place for cycling and a protest against the heavy traffic, so the traffic has to be patient during this time….
I happened to ”run” into the mass twice on my way home from work today. The tramdriver had to stop and look out for the cyclists who were escorted by the police. Unfortenately, the weather is rainy and snowy so I guess it wasn´t ”a good day for it”. On a summer evening I can imagine the power of the event.

At work
On Monday I have to deliver a strategy for the competition I´ve been working on. We had a meeting today and talked about the product and how the competition could work to send out the right message/feeling for the brand. I have to change my idea and try harder to find the synergy between the product, the brand promise and the engagement online.

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