Less digital

… but still communicative.
Magazines and newspapers (and gossip…) is part of the culture and a good way to practice the language I believe.

The first notice I saw when I opened the magazine was about the Swedish Jennie Widegren – fitness instructor and a streetdance member of Bounce. Jennie was a profile for the Reebok campaign ”Your Move” during 2008. Hypermedia was responsible for creating Your Move on the Polish market and advertising and media planning on a global basis.

At work
Three days passed by and my personal planning is under construction. The brief I mentioned last time was about re-designing a website including strategy for a large chain store. After the client meeting things looked quite different. This case is about design and production so I have no active part in this case anymore. Since yesterday I´ve been working on a campaign for Procter & Gamble and I have an idea for a competition.

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