Armani wants me!

Yesterday I heard my fiancé saying ”yes, you can talk to her, one moment….” and handed over his mobile phone to me. For a second I thought it was a friend of ours, so I was surprised when a woman from the boutiqe Armani presented herself.

My name was in their database and she was talking about the new collection and welcomed me to their boutiqe and of course, I could have a discount if I mentioned her name.

The question is, is a ”personal” phone call increasing my loyalty to the brand and make me go to the store?

Print love and in store luxury

I like Armani as a brand and their faboulous catalogues and leaflets, I just love them and save them! Deliver an exclusive feeling and I want everything I lay my eyes on. The atmosphere in the stores and in the advertising is all about luxury and slightly ”unreachable”.

Online shopping and how to
There have been many discussions about how well brick and mortar websites are doing and how they should promote their brand and products online without loosing the exclusive-not-for-all people feeling. Many retailers got criticism about their content on the websites, not highlighting the products, only image.

Well, time have changed and it´s obvious that even Armani need to sell more of their products and attract more people to their stores but unfortenately the answer to the question above is no. I was surprised over the call and was wondering how many people they contact each day and how many of those people that actually visit the store. The exclusive feeling disappeared of two reasons, the offer was just a reminder to visit their store and not an exclusive offer (after opening hours) and secondly, I found out that they had called my fiancé several times during the past 6 months which made him feel ”hunted”.

Armani Jeans online campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi
It´s a goodlooking site but not easy to navigate and takes about 3-4 minutes to download but the clothes and accessories are nicely displayed on the models. It takes some time to explore and the idea is rather a nice experience than to shop.

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