The super secret anti-restaurant for selected people only

Charlie´s Burger, the name is everything but exclusive, but I got curious in their offer. The mysterious underground restaurant, that change location every now and then, demands information about you to be able to make the descision if you fit in as a guest or not.

I´m waiting for the questionnaire but after reading the letter you get from the restaurant on the blog Foodhogger, I changed my mind.

Sure, I got really curious, but the feeling of follow-the-white-rabbit to the mysterious sect on a secret location and being forced to answer questions like ”What would your last meal on earth be?” felt like an overkill.

If you are the lucky one they will ”email the chef’s name, the location and menu a week before the event – this is your chance to opt-out – your space goes to a stand-by, you do not choose who takes your place. IMPORTANT! NO-SHOWS will NOT be tolerated….”.

They promise food outside the mainstream expereince and it´s not Fear Factory but if you can´t eat certain things this is not the place to be.

I guess, if I was the choosen one I would fear next time I turned the key in my car and I would look over my shoulder twice regretting I never ate all the stuff on my plate. Or maybe I would wake up the next morning, luckily unaware of everything, but only if I choosed the blue pill hidden under the exclusive delicious desert…

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