"Konstfack Anna Odell" gives 134 000 hits on Google

A simulated psychosis – a piece of work in the category of Fine Art

I visited the degree exhibition of Konstfack yesterday. I wished to see the project that gives you 134 000 hits on Google… I will come back to this.

The projects I liked the most was four different ideas.

Smart package…
Can a diabetes aid become a lifestyle product?
If you suffer from diabetes you need to carry your treatments and gadget around. I liked the idea of a (not ugly) smart designed packaging that obviously holds everything you need. Without the first aid box- feeling.

Bring the debate on…
Abort ´n Go is a project within the crossing boundaries of Critical Design and Industrial Design.” True… At a glance, the gadget (aid) looked like an abortion method easily done by yourself at home but the project makes you think and imagine a complex situation and rights. The gadget feels like a metaphore, a woman having the power in her hand to make a decision.

Experience design….
Join The Urban Mirror”…. The result..

Unfortenately I had no time to put myself in a cool position…

”The Nature Manifesto”
The Growing Chair… clever idea! After a while you can remove the plastic formation that cover the plant.

Robot Garden – Can Machines Have Experiences?

I like the question and the thought.

At last I was visiting the ”Project Unknown, Woman 2009-349701” by Anna Odell. The project was not easy to find at the exhibition hall, far away with no signs. Two security guides were watching outside. The place was crowded and the room had no air left.

The simulated psychosis and attempted suiced on the bridge of Liljeholmen in Stockholm give you 133 000 hits on Google. Articles and debates whether this is art or not, the purpose, right or wrong, if she reached her goal.

In my opinon the interesting part is her method of doing this and the way she picture her experiences of the health care in Sweden. The most interesting was the research, the reactions and discussions over the phone with hospitals, doctor´s and nursing staff. The acting on the bridge (the second movie out of three) show reality, the attitude from people passing by and the way the police took care of her. The confession for the psychiatrist, about the examiniation project for the school, made the psychiatrist completely mad and she left the room.

I was expecting more of this last confession to completely understand the project. I miss reactions from other people involved and Annas thought during the process in the hospital. I think the project was worth visiting even though the temperature in the room was too hot…

The guest book of disagreements….

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