Walk and find your way

Tonight I will arrive to the airport in Warsaw. Airports is a place knowned for being difficult to navigate around. Especially if you are in a hurry, then it´s impossible to find anything.

Luckily enough one of my colleagues will pick me up and take me to my appartment. To drive in this traffic, I´ve been talking about this many times during my first stay in Warsaw. I could never drive in this heavy traffic. To drive in cities and find your way can be a challenge wherever you are. GPS is a good thing, but I´m wondering how ”helped” I would be in the middle of a chaos.

I like to walk. That´s why I have an interest in the combination gps, maps and mobilephones. I simply want to know where I am and where I´m going. I´m not a technique freak and expert in this area (I´v had a Samsung mobile for 6 months but so far I´ve only used it for making calls in Poland with a cash card… the map function had been great though). But, wouldn´t it be really nice with an application in your phone that made it possible to ”walk” down a street and zoom in the stores and do the window shopping. Before you get there, so you know if it´s worth while. Like Google´s Street View and the virtual walks of course, but for walking not driving AND mobile friendly. I could save you some time.

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