The future of geotagging

I love collecting memories like photograph my journeys and activities, but lately I´ve given serious thoughts of what to do with all my pictures. Every time someone comment or show appreciation of my photos I feel happy of course. But beside of uploading them to Flickr I would like to use the photos in a better way somehow. There are so many pictures taken from all over the world from the same place and it would be great to do something together. That´s why I like the idea of the project and company Photosynth.

Photosynth is creating a live search map based on photos from people all over the world, the same spot but different angles. The use of photos from the same spot it´s possible to reconstruct a scene and an experience of a 360 degrees view. It´s a great way of contributing to a nice 3D experience. After creating a so called ”synth” (a way to compile your photos) you have to geotagg and upload them to the website (Microsoft and Silverlight programme only). One example is the photosynths from the Obama Inauguration Events when thousands of people took pictures at the same time.

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I haven´t yet tried myself, but as far as I know, this idea, the Photosynth, could be even more interesting in combination with cameras including geotagging and a function on Flickr (or similar photo sites) that automatically merge photos together based on the tagging and published on the map. Right now it seems like a lot of work to do before your ”3D panorama” is ready and published. Of course this function should be optional, but in my opinion this brings a lot of value to your own photo experience, a way of sharing.

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