The P&G team

Since last week I joined the P&G team so all of my projects are currently for this client. I´m responsible for strategy/concept/ideas and function as a consultant from the strategy department. Since client service is the owner of the projects I will have regular contact with the client. I work together with the account manager so he is responsible for all the contacts but I´m part of the meetings as well.

Challenges – the responsibility for a project manager
I learned a lot during a time in February. My role was not project manager for 100% but still I got the feeling of how it works. I worked with the development for two projects (P&G) and made sure deliveries were on time. The working flow inhouse, resources, dialoge with the client, bring the ideas and feedback from the client to the information architectures and graphic designer, to discuss and finally approve the design.

It take some time to get used to the traffic system and the fast changings with resources, especially when the deadline is close and to know my own limits. To be the link between the client and the rest of the team, veritcal as well between the members in the team is a great challenge!

* Skaters in the sun, teamwork :)

Strategists The plan for the strategy department is to work more with ”new business”. More engagement in pitching and bring in new clients and cases. The latest pitch went very well and Hypermedia won this client! Since the beginning of this year there have been several projects going on with brands like softdrink, retailing stores, banking and cases for P&G etc.

Earlier work The campaign I mentioned in my blog from january, the early discussions for a contest was approved by the client and the project is under production at the moment.

During this time I´ve been here I have had many mentor talk about the projects, what is working and is good thinking now and what can be improved in my work. Most of the time we discuss the solutions I came up with, if the strategy and the concept works, if the if the big idea is ”selling” and understanable and according to the brief. This daily- or weekly meetings, updates and sometimes brarinstorming is helping me a lot in my work.

Regrets… yes, I really regret I didn´t bring my camera on Friday. The work arranged a special Cuba night at work and there had been a great opportunity for a nice photoshooting, but… I just tell you instead ;) it was a very good time. At occasions like this, you always discover things and talents people have that you had no idea of. Always intriguing.

* (The photo, outside ”Slote Tarasy” last weekend) People observation is fun, especially skaters. People are always helpful and caring if something goes wrong even if you don´t know the person, but , of course , you have one thing in commmon, wearing the ”things” on your feet that make you easily fall… if you fall in the mall, it´s too unpredictable for people around you…

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