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Firefox ”Drag & Drop zones” is absolutely necessary for me at the moment. This function really helps me to ”google” something fast. I have the function installed on Firefox in my MacBook but not on my PC and I´m starting to miss that. This is a way to gather your favourite search engines at the same place.

You install the plug-in and the design it the way you like. It looks like a transparent grid and is displayed over the site you where viewing, just drag the text up in the corner and the grid is appearing, and drop the text on any of the zones/search engine.
Article about Drag & Drop zones
Firefox plug-in

”Transform your site from blah to bling”
with Viewzi

Viewzi is one of my favourite search engine at the moment, which I included to Drag & Drop. I like Viewzi because you can easily change your result into different moods. Web screen shot, simple text, photos, Google timeline and power grid to mention a few. Power grid include the function to flip between text and screenshots.

The google timeline (below) display your result in a timeline, you scan the relevance fast depending on the date.

The combination of the mood Fashion and Tag cloud (below) is fun. You create your own tagcloud by clicking anywhere in the background and start type your subject within Fashion

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