Outstanding in the field

– a culinary adventure

When I crawl the web for inspiring things I tend to get stuck in the food sector and the nice experience around dining. Amazing dinner concepts, a table with a view and stunning surroundings can be breathtaking but in the end it´s all about the ingredients. The importance of fresh ingredients (the cook should not use the gravy or lettuce leaf arrangements to hide things on the plate…). Sometimes a good combination of flavours almost make you cry :-)

This is why I like the idea of ”Outstanding in the Field”. You will have dinner under the sky, on a farm, garden, mountain or at ranches together with- and to celebrate the local farmers and food artisans, the cultivators of the food. You will experience the origins of the food you have on your plate. Back to basic and enjoy nature!

The chef and artist Jim Denevan is the founder and began staging Outstanding in the Field dinners at organic farms around his hometown of Santa Cruz, California back in 1999.

The locations of the arrangements have so far been in U.S, Alaska and Italy.

Now this is what I call a long table….

Sometimes the event is arranged in doors. Beautifully done!

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